Colour Light Therapy.

Colour light therapy uses a simple light source through highly accurate lenses to direct light onto acupuncture points, meridians, and zones to bring about an ‘unblocking’ enabling the body to heal itself.


Light therapy gently works on several levels to bring about wellness, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. Depending upon whether the ‘dis-ease’ is acute or chronic will depend upon the level of involvement of the bodies.


Totally non-invasive colour light therapy calms, relaxes and de-stresses the body allowing an exploration to deeper issues that the therapist and the client explore together in a gentle encouraging way. Using alternative traditional Chinese medicine techniques and knowledge as well as the alternative Ayurvedic chakra and nadi energy fields, light therapy encourages self exploration creating a free flow of energy and reconciliation to the past.

You will discover that colour light therapy complements standard allopathic (western) medicine and does not set itself up as alternative to dramatically speed recovery and detox after operations. This complementary medicine is what brought my life back into balance as I fought with Multiple Sclerosis to the extent that I could participate in the International Light Association conference in Amsterdam in 2010. An overseas trip would have been out of the question previously. See my story at www.walkingwithms.com.au


Of all the natural therapies, light therapy is powerful in its immediate receptiveness to the client. The treatment of something as simple as a headache depending upon its cause hormonal, stress or any other - immediate effect will be felt. Shin splints, are a challenge to any therapy, standard medicine and natural alike, however the success of light therapy has been nothing short of astounding, see blogs page.


The fascination with colour and light we humans have used it for many years. Although it is quite recent that we have discovered just how it works and how we are able to 'harness' this medium for our health in colour light therapy.


You can contact me at simon@colourlighttherapy.com.au or by mobile +61414884447





Small scar on thumb seen here has since disappeared while the forefinger continues to push out healthily from under its nail. For more information see blogs.

The Mason Story


Necrosis of thumb and forefinger in a newborn.

The thumb was first to recover. The index finger took longer. It can be seen that the finger is growing out from under the necrotic tissue.

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