Colour Light Therapy.

Samassati colour light therapy: teamwork

Samassati Colour Light Therapy treats people, not symptoms, the practitioner responds to the colour information coming from the individual client’s body. Since the body’s first language is colour, Samassati therapists communicate with it directly by applying colour light. The practitioner, the client and the client’s body are involved in a continuous dialogue that gives direction as the appropriate treatment unfolds.

To this end the Samassati Colour Light Therapist may work with various protocols but each is dependent upon the colour needs of the client and this flexibility ensures that each client is uniquely treated.

In this way Samassati Colour Light Therapy can be applied to treat both the physical and the emotional imbalances in a client.

Samassati therapists do nothing to change people, challenge defences, or even “work things out”. They simply shine light on something that is dark or misunderstood, and bring the invitation to literally see old things in a new light thus supporting the individual.


Knowing that it will be heard, the body is very willing to talk. Knowing that it is going to receive light, it is very happy to receive. A beautiful flow, back and forth, arises between practitioner and client.

(Nishant Matthews in his book LIGHT - the Master Matrix).