Colour Light Therapy.

The body miracle

The human body consists of approximately fifty trillion (50,000,000,000,000,000) cells. Each of these cells by itself is a little factory, in which an average of one hundred thousand (100,000) chemical reactions take place every second. And that is not all: in the body a process is active in which worn-out and damaged cells are continuously being replaced. In this process seven million new cells are being produced every single second and as many worn-out cells are being removed.

In this way our eyes are being renewed every two days. Just think of it: not one of the millions of cells currently active in your eyes will still be there two days from now! For the internal organs it takes an average of 6 weeks to fully replace all cells.

These are staggering numbers! We cannot start to imagine what takes place in our body in just a single second. In the few seconds you need to read this sentence your body has produced about twenty million new cells and trillions of reactions have taken place and all these activities are carried out in a delicate balance. The myriads of cells in your body work hand in hand in endless synchronicity to enable you to live in health.

Science has found that this miracle isn’t possible without a guiding system, which acts on the level of quantum physics (click
here for more details about the scientific part). This system is known in Samassati Colour Light Therapy as the Light Matrix, the colour fields in and around the human body. The body miracle is only possible through the existence and guidance of this Light Matrix.

The Light Matrix

If the body is a bio-computer (which it is), then the colour fields of the Light Matrix are the software that tell it how to run. If we find dysfunction in the body, it is likely that there is dysfunction in one of its programs. In the Light Matrix this will show up as a colour which is harsh, or dull, or "off". As it is difficult to make a computer run properly when the programs are corrupted, it is equally difficult for our personal bio-computers to run smoothly when our colour program fields are muddled.
Changing the colours in the colour fields around the body by shining Colour Light acts as a change in the software. A muddled colour turns vibrant and the body runs well again. Changing the colours in the fields around the body enables the body to start healing itself. Stimulating the Light Matrix is the most powerful healing force available today.

Even though the colour fields of the Light Matrix surround the body, they are not external. They are internally generated and are the expressions of the cells, as shown by professor Popp. When the cries from our cells go un-noticed, or worse, are blotted out with various drugs, the physical body invariably suffers. It has to, for the Light Matrix that guides it has gone sour.
When we listen to the body and respond to it in a language it understands (light), then the Light Matrix clears and the body is very ready to come back in tune.

Working with light brings the same radical understanding as proposed by the physicists: biological fields of light are generated from within. Following from this is the understanding, that the majority of "dis-ease" begins inside. As shown by Valerie Hunt dis-ease is a reflection of a process already initiated from within.
Dis-ease will continue in one form or another until the source of it, a disturbance in the Light Matrix, changes. You can't change the Light Matrix with drugs. For this delicate work you need light: Colour Light!

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