Colour Light Therapy.

Colour Light Therapy assists in the treatment of immune system disorders and is a harmless alternative healing option. Colour Light Therapy has a long history of helping people with myriad disorders manage their pain and side effects. Colour Light Therapy is non-invasive. People suffering from Immune System Disorders have had positive results from using Colour Light as their alterantive healing option. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is becoming widely recognised the world over. There are different treatments for classic (winter-based) seasonal affective disorder SAD and colour light therapy is ranked as one of the most beneficial.

Samassati Colour Light Therapy has been used effectively in the treatment of:-

Colour Light Therapy supports the functioning of bodily processes such as:-

Colour Light Therapy also invites improved balance (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually)


It supports the functioning of the bodily processes such as the immune system, the lymphatic system and the endocrine system.


It also invites improved balance (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), improved energy levels, improved health in heart and arteries and improved functioning of the nerve system.


Treating psycho-emotional disorders

Samassati  Colour Light therapy is as different from conventional psychotherapy as nuclear physics is different from chemistry. In essence, Samassati therapists do nothing to change people, challenge defences, or even "work things out". They simply shine light on something that is dark or misunderstood, and bring the invitation to literally see old things in a new light.


Psychic rigidities are covered by many protective layers of denial and psychological gamesmanship. Even when life is so raw that we see the bare bones of our limiting beliefs, we are seldom ready to release the past and embrace the present. We are heavily invested in the fixed structures which tell us how to live. After all, these attitudes took shape in moments of intense pain and reflect a decision not to face such pain ever again.


Colour Light touches this layer of our being and brings with it an atmosphere of trust and opening. In a field of  Colour Light we can creatively meet the parts of ourselves that are hurt, angry, wounded, in shock, resentful, revengeful, sad, lonely, lost, betrayed.


It melts the armour which protects these emotions and allows them to emerge from the sub-conscious to the conscious mind. The light then gives us the presence we need to turn and face the attitudes and events which we have buried in our unconscious. The never-ending streams of mental emotional activity lose their density and a vast sense of open space emerges. We feel free!


Stimulating transformation and growth

Samassati  Colour Light Therapy embraces the biology of light, the physics of colour, the science of light therapy, and the something more: the quality of awakening the resources inside us all. There is a spiritual dimension to each of us, a dimension emphasized by all the awakened, compassionate masters.


Most people who come for Samassati  Colour Light Therapy for the spiritual aspects come with an appreciation of their incompleteness. They know there is something more to life than simply caring for the body and easing psychological anguish. They understand that wellness is more than the absence of disease. They also sense the compelling quality of their individuality. They can't follow the guidelines of others in how to live, but are looking for the resources to understand and live in harmony with their own unique spiritual nature.


Light evokes light. When our own light starts shining, we begin to "see". We feel the invitation to live according to our own vision, our own light.


Samassati  Colour Light treatments follow an individual approach and have no fixed structure. What shows up in the session itself determines the appropriate colour irrespective of the treatment level: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

The Samassati  Colour Light therapist uses a torch with exchangeable lenses in different colours which can be applied without having to remove any clothing.


With reference to Professors Popp and Lunt.

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