Colour Light Therapy.

Simon Hansen’s journey and recovery from MS through the use of vitamins, simple medications, Amino acids and Light Therapy. Hope is never lost no matter how dark and down you may feel Multiple Sclerosis is not a death sentence but a challenge to life and a test of will. I have no doubt that Light Therapy is the answer to the ‘cure’ of MS - we just nee to keep digging and discovering the way light affects the body at the quantum level. Biophotons are the key to our health and well being.


Jan Van Der Est and Wilma have brought Samassati Colour Light Therapy to the world as we know it. A non invasive form of treatment that makes the client the one who heals themselves through the journey with Jan and Wilma accompanying them. Their ability to ‘speak’ to the body and hear what is needed is remarkable. Their ability to teach to others their skills is nothing less than gifted. I thank them for all they have give me on a personal and professional level as well as their inspiration for this site.


Professor Dr Fritz-Albert Popp is the man who first discovered and hypothesised about the communication systems within the body on a cellular level with the use of light - Bio Photons. His work has been extended by many others and a good starting point for this information is is site at the International Institute of Biophysics.


Julianne Bien - Author, educator and developer of the Spectrahue Colour Harmonics system has been a wonderful source of ideas, innovation and support for what we at Light Touch Colour Light Therapy are doing.