Colour Light Therapy.

Colour Light and Spirituality

Our inner light

Deep inside in everyone of us our own inner light shines, a vague and distant memory for many of us, for some even less than that. It is the light of our soul, our true nature, often hidden but always present.

This inner light shines just outside the realm of our physical senses. Only subtle vibrating energy like light can touch this spot deep inside us. colour light invites us to cherish ourselves in our inner light and to be in contact with our soul.

The clarity and focus provided by the light enable us to look from our true nature, from a position where problems do not exist. It enables us to react on any situation in our lives from a position of lightness and freedom. Here we no longer need to fight ourselves, because part of us gives a clear “YES” whereas another part of us says “NO”. Here we can feel our certainty and exceed the limitations and restrictions of our ego. Here we can see old things in a new light.

Here we can also find the deepest possible meaning of healing ourselves: our relation with our own lifes, our capacity to say “YES” to life itself!

"Don't fight with darkness. Better light a candle."(Osho)


Bring light into your life!

When colour light is applied to our body we literally feel lighter and we will start to enjoy more of the marvellous journey called life. Something old and dear, covered in the dust of oblivion is reminded in the light. It brings clarity in our lives and openness for experiencing love (the power to heal), joy (the power to transform) and wholeness. It invites us into a higher state of consciousness.

Through light we will get rid of much confusion, which is related to being here below. It reveals to us that life is not an endless chain of problems. That the fundamentals of life are easy and accessible: life is about loving and learning!

Being in our inner light we come to realize that our goodness and perfection are here right now and have always been there. We can stop searching for it! And we suddenly come to realize we no longer have to change ourselves: there is no need to become what we already are!

In our inner light the way we relate to people starts to change: making connections goes more easily and gives more satisfaction. And: this is contagious! Just like moth attracted by light, others will feel attracted to your light!

Did you ever wonder why we get so excited when we see the rainbow after a fresh spring shower? Could it be that it reminds us of the coloured beauty of our own inner light? And: whether or not we want to admit it, we feel a little kid again, who wants to go out to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Once we find this pot of gold inside ourselves we can stop searching.



The cycle of life and death

According to Tibetan teachings revealed in the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, most people experience a period of darkness, like a comfortable womb, after dying. When this darkness clears, many strange experiences arise. There are sounds of the universe breaking up. Our conceptual faculties no longer operate, so the world that we have constructed in our minds breaks into pieces and dissolves. We then experience the full range of whatever our mind has been accumulating---joys, fears, and other wonders.

When this level of experience clears, what follows is a series of coloured lights. The way one relates to these lights is highly significant. The first light is blue. If one can look at this piercing blue and relax with its intensity and vibration, then the soul is ready to dissolve back into the primordial state of universal consciousness.

If this blue is uncomfortable, then another light appears which is less intense. If that light is also uncomfortable, then another, less demanding light appears. And so on.
In this way we keep trying on different shoes until we find the ones that fit.If we have a need for possessions and a fixed sense of security, then the blue light will make us feel too naked. We will prefer the yellow light, a colour which carries the energies of earth, home, security, and fixedness. If we are still enamoured with passion and aggression, then the red light will be attractive. It will give us the energy we need to continue with our aggressive activities. As we pick and choose the palette that suits us best, we construct the colour matrix for our next return to earth. Our choice of colours creates the mind which becomes the body we find ourselves born into. Because the seeds of primordial energies are in our minds, we then create experiences in our lives which give us an opportunity to experience our desire for security, aggression, passion or whatever. In this way we choose our lessons and keep returning to the school of earth until we have completed our own curriculum.

It should be emphasized at this point that colours are not chosen by the conscious mind of physical existence. That mind dies with the body. The choices are made by our naked awareness, the part of us which has no desire to control or manipulate its own energies. This part simply goes into the colour states where it feels most resonant, most at home. Obviously, training with the colour frequencies in advance of such an experience has distinct advantages. This is like lighting a candle in a dark room. In a flash, the dark evaporates, and light shines.

The light invigorates us with fresh energy and demands that we operate at higher levels of integrity and intelligence.

As we become familiar with colour light, we slowly evolve into new ways of living, new frames of reference, based on the laws of light. We learn to receive higher frequencies. We perceive states of light within ourselves and others and understand how what we do, and say, and think, affect the light within.